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Guru Arjun And His Sukhmani - Book By Madanjit Kaur & Piar Singh

Foreword To 'Guru Arjun And His Sukhmani' By Madanjit Kaur & Piar Singh

It affords me much peasure to place Guru Arjun And His Sukhmani in the hands of the English-knowing readers. It is the fourth volume of late Sirdar Kapur Singh I.C.S published by the University under an arrangement to collect, edit and preserve, his writings for the posterity. He is decidedly an authority on Sikh Theology and exposition of the Sikh Scripture.

His earlier works, produced by the University, are Parasaraprasna or the Baisakhi of Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Nanak' s Life And Thought, and Sikhism For The Modern Man. The present work provides an insight into the life, thought and martyrdom of the Fifth Master, Guru Dev, who with the compilation of Guru Granth Sikh Church its distinct Scripture. Besides, his life for the cause of the freedom of belief and worship, he laid the foundations of a vibrant Punjabi character and personality.

I hope, insights provided by the author in his rendering of the text and copious annotations will offer to the seekers a clearer comprehension of the Sikh thought and tradition.

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Guru Arjun And His Sukhmani - Book By Madanjit Kaur & Piar Singh

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