A Zeal For Martyrdom - Kartar Singh Sarabha - Book By Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay

A Zeal For Martyrdom - Kartar Singh Sarabha  - Book  By  Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay

From the Writers' Pen

This is a sort of homage paid by the writer to the Martyr -Kartar Singh Sarabha for his selfless service, he made for freedom of the country. The words cannot be equal to the contribution Martyr Sarabha made for the country. The best homage to martyrs memory can only be by following the path, they tread on for the maintenance of freedom for the people. And further, if we are honest towards its maintenance, their souls would be in peace. Their sacrifices were meant to save the country from the foreign yoke. The man should be provided maximum opportunities to live like human being. The life should be raised above slavery and the living standards be raised to the worth-living-conditions. They felt that the rulers were looting the wealth of the country. Having not taken the country to be their own, they were wasting the wealth of the country mercilessly. The residents of this country were not considered equal to them. They were being treated as source of production. So they felt it necessary to have our indigenous rulers to provide equal opportunity to each and every citizen. That is why they sacrificed their lives to help the Indians live honourable life. So the a small work on the life of Sardar Kantar Singh Sarah, is nothing more than an homage to his sincerity to get freedom for his fellow citizens.

I am thankful to the authors of articles, books and other related material I have used to complete this project. Without their help in me background I would have not been able to do it. I am indebted for their contributions.

I am also thankful to the Desh Bhagat Hall, Jallandhar, with whose help, I could collect lot of original help from the writings published in Virsa and Heritage.

I am thankful to Prof. Mahinder Singh Cheema, who goaded me to present this work in English too.

Besides, I am thankful to the sincere readers, who would come forward to give suggestions after studying this work so that it could be improved at the reprint stage.

Ludhiiana, 10.10.2004.    Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay


From The Backcover Of The Book  'A Zeal For Martyrdom - Kartar Singh Sarabha'  By Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay

Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha , one of the greatest martyrs of India's freedom struggle, was from among the founding fathers of Gadar Party, abroad. This Party of fearless revolutionaries aimed at armed action against foreign empire. Getting inspiration from this brave young man numerous others followed him and joined the war of Independence and sacrificed their lives for the country.

Activities of Kartar Singh Sarabha who was hanged to death at very young age of nineteen by the then foreign rulers, shook the foundations of the British Empire in India. The supreme patriotic spirit of Sarabha, had been a source of inspiration for Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and Kishan Singh Gargaj besides others.

About the Author 'Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay' of the Book 'A Zeal For Martyrdom - Kartar Singh Sarabha'

The author of this work is Dr. G.S. Muhay, a retired senior Indian Information Service Officer (Editor-in-Chief, Sainik Samachar) and is a well known writer in Punjabi circles. He has published about eleven original books of his writings on of religious, social, medical, cultural and educational topics and has translated some 25 books from English and Hindi into Punjabi. He Is Currently, Also Doing Ph.d. On 'universal Consciousness In Guru Granth Sahib A Philosophical Study, From Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. He was Registered for the purpose in June, 2002. He is also writing journistic articles in English and Punjabi for various news papers. Hence he is living a very active and busy life.

Table Of Contents Of The Book 'A Zeal For Martyrdom - Kartar Singh Sarabha' By Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay

1 From the Writers' pen
2 Kartar Singh Sarabha -Birth and childhood
3 History of Gadar Movement
4 Formation of Gadar Party.
5 Kartar Singh Sarabha in the Gadar
6 The Event of Kama Gata Maru
7 Effect of Declaration of War Against the British Empire.
8 Revolutionary Activities in Punjab and Kartar Singh Ssarabha.
9 Efforts to Take the Forces Along
10 Details of Failures
11 Lahore Conspiracy Case No. 1, Against Kartar Singh Sarah.


Author Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay
Pages 106
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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A Zeal For Martyrdom - Kartar Singh Sarabha - Book By Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay

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