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History of The Naujavan Bharat Sabha - Book By Comrade Ram Chandra

Introduction To The Book 'History of The Naujavan Bharat Sabha' By Comrade Ram Chandra

 Youth is the architect and builder of the World. It is the fountain head of all revolutions and liberation struggles. It is the blood of the youth that flows in all the wars.

In India also, it were the daring youth that started the war for liberation from the British Imperialists, regardless of their personal sufferings, tribulations and sacrifices, when wise old men cringed and bent before the foreign rulers for small benefits and gains, and asked in their sunshine. It were the youth who threw the first ones or bombs when old leaders called them naughty, misled, disturbers of peace and irresponsible persons. These stones and bombs produced ripples in the mighty ocean of Indian masses and slowly changed the whole outlook, thinking, behaviour, aims and s of the country. The young impatient but farseeing bomb manufacturers, bomb throwers and conspirators were amply responsible for laying the foundations of the epic struggle for Independence. Whoever becomes the President or Prime Minister of India today or might become, tomorrow is the grand progeny of those persecuted maligned nameless young heroes and s. They truly represented and formed, whatever the name of organisations, the youth movement in their days. I pay my e to all of them.

Having paid my respect I come to the theme of this book. This in simple words is the contribution of the Naujawan Bharat Sabha, H.S.R.A. and other revolutionary organisations with all their different names. In this treatise, however, I intend to throw light in on the foundation, formation, aims, objects and methods of working from time to time and the struggles of Naujwan and its cooperation with the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association Army, which due to peculiar circumstances and compulsions remained an understandable mystery and had been kept so. This book shall also describe the relations of the Naujawan Bharat Sabha with Communist Party, Kirti Kisan Party, Socialist Party, Congress Socialist Party, Students Union and Bal Bharat Sabha as well. Naturally and necessarily it is the narration of revolutionary events in India, particularly Punjab where Naujawan Bharat Sabha' s covert, overt and active support was implied, involved or stretched in some way or the other to H.S.R.A.

The first crop of youth movement in Punjab was "Bharat Mata Society" and "Anjuman-e-Mohabhane Watan". Ajit Singh, Kishan Singh, Sufi Amba Parshad, Mehta Anand Kishore, Lal Chand Falak, Pindi Das, Kedar Nath and Banke Dayal were in a way the representatives of an unidentified youth movement, which flourished from about 1906 to the end of the first World War.

Then came the Ghadar movement. It comprised youngmen who returned to India from America, Japan and other countries to take advantage of the war situation to free the motherland. A large number of these were shot on arrival on the Indian shores. Many were hanged. Many were transported to Andamans and many sentenced to long imprisonments and rotted in jails. Some died in jails and the others came out of jails in dilapidated state of health. Their offspring was the Babbar Akali freedom fighters who were all quite young.

But more, hard spade work was required to break the slumber of the people and prepare them for greater effort. So in the twenties of the twentieth century Bhagat Singh, Naujawan Bharat Sabha and H.S.R.A. decided to bear the cross.

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History of The Naujavan Bharat Sabha - Book By Comrade Ram Chandra

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