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A Story Of The Sikhs (Pursuit Of Sovereignty) - Book By Har Jagmandar Singh

Introduction To 'A Story Of The Sikhs (Pursuit Of Sovereignty)' By Har Jagmandar Singh

The Aryans, to cope with hostile environment, produced a religion which rendered the Hindus weak and subject to countless invasions and domination by foreigners which entailed horrible atrocities and humiliations for two thousand years. Sikhism came as a remedy. Guru Gobind Singh Created a new nation, vested with ever-ascending morale and inexhaustible energy, and launched it into time towards the goal of sovereignty. The Sikhs have struggled heroically, made glorious achievements and suffered great losses. Although misguided and misled, harmed and exploited, persecuted and massacred, they remain undaunted and keep moving forward.

The book endeavours to be faithful to truth and nails some big lies, which may not please all.


About The Author Of 'A Story Of The Sikhs (Pursuit Of Sovereignty)' By Har Jagmandar Singh

Prof. Har Jagmandar Singh was born in his maternal village Tharajwala, distt. Faridkot , in 1939. His paternal family migrated, during Partition. from pakistan to village Faridke in Mansa district, suffering a big loss of land. He received his education in government institutions and did his M.A. in English from Panjab University. He taught English in government colleges at Hisar, Bathinda and Ropar.


Preface To 'A Story Of The Sikhs (Pursuit Of Sovereignty)' By Har Jagmandar Singh

The incidents which occurred in the punjab during the years of militancy, especially the army attack on the Golden Temple Amritsar, disturbed me  as they disturbed so many others. I have thought long over the whole issue and tried to place it in right perspective in this book.

I believe a writer should owe allegiance to the truth and endeavour to reveal whatever little bit of it he can; for it needs help to emerge from under the thick layers of falsehood. Even if it is bitter, we should not flinch from it because it helps us to face reality.

Although the book deals mainly with the Sikhs, it touches many issues of general life and will be of interest to all thinking men.If, at Places, I appear to be eulogistic over the bravery and the spirit of sacrifice of the Sikhs, it is due to the subject-matter itself. In fact, several English, Hindu and Muslim writers who have written about the Sikhs give a similar impression.

A word to my Hindu friends and well-whisers who have given me frienship and love, without which my life would have been poorer. In view of the all-pervasive communalism in the country, I crave their indulgence in terms of impartiality regarding this book.

I acknowledge my debt to many authors, from whom I have borrowed and quoted. I have gleaned useful information about the Sikh history and religion from J.D. Cunningham  and M.A. Macauliffe. Many of the details of the events during the medieval period and of the Sikh struggle during the 18th century have been borrowed from Ishwari Prasad and Hari Ram Gupta respectively. The Perspicacious writings of Nirad C. Chaudhuri, the Valuable research work (Sikh Separatism) of Rajiv A. Kapur and the myth-shattering India's China War by Neville Maxwell have been my other important sources. Some information has been drawn from khushwant Singh, Ved Mehta, Kuldip Nayar, Mark Tully and Sangat Singh. I have also received some firsthand information from late Major-General Narinder Singh. I feel indebted to all of them and several others.

I also thank Singh Brothers for Keeping me unworried about the publication of this book.


Table of Contents For 'A Story Of The Sikhs (Pursuit of Sovereignty)' By Har Jagmandar Singh



1. Mesopotamian Affiliation 11
2. A Great Occupation and Its Great Price 13
3. Invasions 20
4. Advent of Islam 26
5. Great Depredations 29
6. Muslim Rule 34
7. Muslim Power at Its Zenith 43
8. Religion 58
9. Birth and Growth of Sikhism 61
10. A Long, Grim Struggle 81
11. Sikh Empire 107
12. British Rule 128
13. A Great Reform 148
14. Naive Leaders of the Sikhs 169
15. Tragic Bungling 182
16. Campaign for Homeland 211
17. Cumulative Grievances 221
18. Use of Military force 235
19. The Battle 248
20. Retribution 260
21. Knavery and Tyranny 266
22. The Root is Healthy 286
23. Some Important Incidents Since Independence 291
24. Present National Scene 305
Index   315


Author Har Jagmandar Singh
Pages 320
Cover Paperback
Language English

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A Story Of The Sikhs (Pursuit Of Sovereignty) - Book By Har Jagmandar Singh

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