Preamble Of Book 'Fifty Two Commandents of Guru Gobind Singh' By Balwinder Singh 

When Guru Gobind Singh Sahib; the tenth manifestation of the Timeless Being personified Guru Nanak Dev Ji, reached Nanded, a fatal attack was made on his life by the two Afghans, sent by 'nawab' of Sirhind (Punjab). He recovered in due course of time, under the surgical treatment of a British doctor, but later the wound revived on his pulling the string of a bow and the end came near. The True Guru, on being asked to take surgical treatment, refused it. He, then, wore arms on his sacred body and mounted his horse. Before his soul got merged into the Supreme soul, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, the embodiment of high spirit gave some instructions to the Gursikhs, who were present there at that time. Baba Ram Koer ji, the great-grandson of Baba Buddha ji wrote down these teachings. Procuring the old manuscript, my elder brother, Principal Satbir Singh Published these 52 commandments in his book, Adi Sikh Adi Sakhian. Thereafter, these were published in almost all the periodicals, brought out by the various Sikh-bodies and the Gursikhs read them with great eagerness and devotion.

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib is an embodiment of revered Guru Nanak Dev, who, like other Sikh-Gurus preached, Guru Nanak Dev's teachings and the ideology at the cost of his life. The words like, Fatah, Singh and Sardar, that Guru Gobind Singh Sahib used and bestowed upon us, can, on careful study of Gurbani, be found in the hymns of Guru Nanak. Clear expressions concerning the observance of uncut hair, the sword, and the chastity can be seen in Guru Nanak's sacred Bani, incorporated in the Holy Granth Sahib.

From this, a longing has been created in my heart, to publish these 52 top inspired apex instructions, with the affirmation and clarification of the same from the Gurbani, in order that their basis is clearly perceptible.

My brother Sardar Satbir Singh was much delighted, when I discussed this idea with him. He encouraged  me to go ahead with it, as well as, gave his blessings. When this book came into being, he, at the same time, provided a foreword to it under the title Sikhar De Bachan.

After the completion of the book a request was made to M/s. Singh Brothers to publish it, which they readily accepted Today, in the shape of a book, these divine teachings are presented in the service of the esteemed readers. My respected brother, Giani Harjeet Singh, made sincere efforts with deep affection to make this book a reality.

My eyesight is, no doubt very poor but the True Guru is exceptionally kind to me. My better half, Sardarni Parveen Kaur helped me a lot in the writing work of this book and both my son Darasbir Singh and daughter Jasravi Kaur, who are Engineering students, devoted quite a good amount of time in preparation of this book, despite being engaged in their studies.

S. Gurcharan Singh Ji Tohra, S. Inderjit Singh Ji, S. Manjit Singh Calcutta, Prof. Joginder Singh Ji Delhi, have always shown a great affection for me. S. Karamjit Singh Aujla, S. Prithipal Singh Ji Kapoor, S. Mahinder Singh Bakhshi, Prof. Raghubir Singh, respected sister Amarjit Kaur, brother S. Prithipal Singh and brother S. Amarjit Singh of Nankana Transport, not only await my new publications but receive them with great enthusiasm also.

Reverend elder brother S. Inderpal Singh Ji, dear, Maninderjit Singh and Jaswinder Kaur have made my writing work rather easy. Dear Indermohan Singh, Gurwinder Singh, Jatinder Singh and Doctor Gurmeet Singh, always encourage me.

My dear friends, S. Nirmaltej Singh Kanpur, S. Kalyan Singh, Harbhajan Singh Kanpur, S. Maninder Dhanbad, Raminder Singh Madras, Dalip Singh Bombay and all my other well-wishers have ever given their valued co-operation in making my works reach my readers.

Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Gurdwara Shri Kalgidhar and all my other extremely affectionate and Guru-devoted brothers, appreciate my writings as well as give their blessings.

In the near future, I will seek the blessings of the True Guru and the Gursikhs, by presenting my next book--Gur Shabad Guru, Gurbani Guru and Guru Nanak Dev Ji Da Ashtjog, to the readers, devoted to the True Guru.

The meaning of the book in hand, Gur Sabadi Govind Gajia, is that, "God's word resonates in Guru Gobind Singh Sahib's maxims."

To conclude, I would pray--May Guru Gobind Singh a friend and protector of the shelterless--induce us to make friendship with his beloved friend, God.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Balwinder Singh 

About The Author Of Book 'Fifty Two Commandents of Guru Gobind Singh'

Balwinder Singh born in 1938 at Jhelum was brought up in Kanpur. He belongs to a devout Gursikh family and is a younger brother of Principal Satbir Singh, a celebrated Sikh theologian. Balwinder Singh has an in-born talent of a poet and has been writing poetry in Hindi and Punjabi since his school days.

Being himself a devout Sikh, he gets inspiration from Gurbani. He earnestly believes that Gurbani is not a dead dogma, but it is a practical way of life. He is an orator par-excellence and his discourses on Sikh theology are always applauded. He explains Gurbani in the idiom of Gurbani and his creative explanation is always fresh, unique and believable.

He has more than 2 dozen books on Sikh theology in Punjabi to his credit which have been well received by the readers, besides 30 books of Poetry in Hindi and Punjabi.


Table Of Contents For 'Fifty Two Commandents of Guru Gobind Singh' by Balwinder Singh



Page No

  Preamble 9
1. Righteous Endeavour of Honest Earning 13
2. Giving Away One Tenth of Income 18
3. To Memorize Gurbani, sayings of the Guru 23
4. To Wake Up in the Ambrosial Hour 27
5. To Attend Upon or Serve the Sikh-Sewak with Interest 32
6. To Learn the Meanings of Gurbani from the Sikh Scholars of the Sikh Panth 37
7. To Live, Preserving the Five Kakars, the Religious Symbols 42
8. To Attend the Congregation and Meditate on the True Name 54
9. To Meditate on Truth-Incarnate Supreme God 58
10. Guru Granth Sahib to be accepted as the True Guru 62
11. To offer Prayer in the Beginning of all Functions 65
12. Karah Prashad - Tihawal 69
13. Until Distribution of Prashad is on-Congregation must remain seated peacefully 75
14. Have no Sex without Marriage 78
15. To regard other's woman as Mother, Sister or Daughter 81
16. Never Rebuke a Woman 85
17. Never make use of Tobacco - The World-Refuse 88
18. To Keep the Company of Observant and Contemplative Gursikhs 94
19. Not to be Lethargic in doing the Jobs, One is capable of 97
20. To Perform and Listen the Musical Rendering of Gurbani and Its Narrative Everyday 101
21. Not to Speak Ill of, Envy and Slander Anyone 104
22. One must not be proud of One's Wealth, Youth, Lineage and Caste 108
23. To Observe a Sublime and Pure Intellect 112
24. Not to Shun Good Deeds 114
25. God is the Giver of the Powder of Intellect 117
26. Not to Trust Someone, Intending to Win Faith by Taking Vows 119
27. To be Independent 121
28. To Study Politics 125
29. To use Conciliation, Money and Discord etc. as Measures to Subdue the Enemy 128
30. To Practise the use of Weapons and Horse-Riding 132
31. To study the Scriptures and Teachings of Other Faiths 136
32. Not to Heed the Preachings of the Ritualists Engrossed in Rituals 140
33. To have Prayer in Standing Posture after Reciting Rahras(i) 144
34. Bedtime Prayer Sohila and Pavan(u) Guru Pani Pita Verse 148
35. Not to be without Turban, Not to keep Hair Uncovered 152
36. Never address a Gursikh by his Incomplete Name 156
37. Not to Drink Wine 160
38. Not to give One's Daughter in Marriage to a Clean-Shaven Person 163
39. To hold all Ceremonies under the Aegis of Holy Granth Sahib, in accordance with Gurbani 167
40. Not to Backbite with a view to Thwart other's Plans 175
41. Never say a Harsh Word which may Hurt Someone's Feelings 179
42. To make a Pilgrimage to the Sikh Shrines only 182
43. To Keep One's Word 185
44. As far as possible, Serve, a Guest, an Alien, Needy, Distressed and the Handicapped 188
45. To Consider Your Daughter's Wealth as Forbidden  192
46. Not to be a Disguised or False Sikh 195
47. To have Faith in Sikhism, Observing Long Unshorn Hair Throughout the Life 198
48. Never Commit Theft, Adultery, Cheating, Treachery and Deception 202
49. A Gursikh should Trust the Fellow Sikh 206
50. Not to Give False Evidence 209
51. Not to Boast or Not to Indulge in Self-Praise 211
52. Uniform Distribution of Langar 214


Author Balwinder Singh
Pages 220
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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