Dr. Surjit Kaur

About the Author ‘Dr. Surjit Kaur’ of the Book ‘Amongst The Sikhs’

Dr Surjit Kaur is a profesional counsellor in Virginia in the US.. Educated first in Jalandhar, Punjab, she taught in Punjab for sometime before leaving for the US for higher studies. She received a Master's degree in Education from the University of Idaho, amid a Doctorate in counselling from Washington State University.

After a stint with the American Embassy in India, in the United States Agency for International Development, she became a senior research fellow at the Council for Social Development. She worked briefly with the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Planning as a consultant.

She is the author of Foundation and Counseling— a revised version of her doctoral thesis, Family Planning in Two Units, and Wastage of Children—a study of infant and child mortality.

She has recently been selected to participate in Leadership Fairfax, Class of 2003, in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

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Amongst The Sikhs - Book By Dr. Surjit Kaur

Amongst The Sikhs - Book By Dr. Surjit Kaur

Introduction of The Book ‘Amongst The Sikhs’  By Dr. Surjit Kaur The landing of the firs..

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