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The Overtime People - Book By Joginder Shamsher

Introduction To 'The Overtime People' By Joginder Shamsher

"Far from home, in an entirely western society, quite a number of Punjabi Writers continue to write in their mother tounge, take the trouble of getting their work published, and produce something that is different because it is bred in a different environment and reflects different problems.

It is strange Phenomena that out of all the Indians who have gone abroad in search of better pastures, Punjabis are the most productive as for as literature is concerned. It is really phenomenal the Punjabis, who are known abroad as the most hardworking of all Asians and are considered to be the best and most productive workers even in the most abnoxious working conditions, are capable of producing truly vital literature, when they manage to do it, and how in anybody's guess.

The quality of their poetry, short stories, novels and general comments on various issues may not be first rate, but the strength, the vigour, the typical smell of dust and smeat and the original passion for life and love, is all their."

The author of this book has taken the account of the achieve­ments of these writers. The articles in this book are not critical ones, but just a stock taking of their writings. The main purpose of the author is to introduce them to English speaking world.


About The Author Of 'The Overtime People'

Jogindar Shamsher was born in Balochistan, received his formal education in Punjab, United Kingdom in 1961 in Southall with his wife Kaur and daughter Ushma. 

He visited, Aden, Egypt and Gibralter in 1961, France in 1968, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Yogos-lavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan in 1969, Baghdad and Athens in 1970. Moscow, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Doshanbe and Leningrad in 1976, Canada and U.S.A., in 1977. 

His Travelouge "London to Delhi by Car" was published in 1973.

He has published many articels on Literature, History and Socialogy various weeklies and rnonthlies.

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The Overtime People - Book By Joginder Shamsher

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