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Punjabi Self Taught - Book By Das Gupta Prakashan

Preface To 'Punjabi Self Taught' By Das Gupta Prakashan

Shri Bidhu Bhushan Das Gupta of Das Gupta Pra­kashan, has for the last number of years, been engaged in publishing ''Self-Taught'~ series on language of India. He has so far published ''Learn Bengali,'' ''Learn Hindi," ''Learn Marathi," ''Learn Assamese," ''Learn Oriya," ''Learn Gujarati" and ''Learn Urdu." He has also published "Learn Nepali," being contiguous to India. He eventually intends to bring out these series to complete the 14 major languages of India. Currently be is engaged in completing "Punjabi Self-Taught''.

Though separated by about 1500 kilometers, there is a spiritual, political and social affinity between Bengal and Punjab and it is befitting Shri Das Gupta has given attention to publishing "Punjabi Self- Taught''.

Ever since partition of India and migration of Punjabees particularly to various states, it is not only necessary that the Punjabees should know the languages of the states they have settled in, but it is in the interest of national integration that the local people should also know the sentiments and language of the- people who have come to stay with them for good, towards mutual understanding and amiable relations.

Those who have gone through the several Self-Taught series of Shri Bidhu Bhushan Das Gupta cannot but fail to see that Indian languages, in many parts, have similar vocabulary with slight variations in pronunciation. Indian languages are, therefore, easy to learn, and once you speak in the language of the "other man", your social importance increases in the eyes of the other man",

The Punjabees have established themselves in almost all lie states of the Indian Union, and they are doing good business in those states. It is in the interest of the local eopie to know their new neighbours. For this, this book ill be very helpful. I would rather suggest my Punjabee brethren not only tc learn the language of the states they are in, but also to present this bcok to their friends, the local inhabitants with whom they come into social and business contacts. I am sure they will thus serve the cause of the Punjabi language,

As for the book under review, I have seen its manuscript.

The author has taken great pains to make it of real worth. It is carefully planned and properly graded to be easily and systematically comprehensible. It fills a need of the age when. people of all races and states so often meet on "Bharat Darshan," business trips and for social gatherings.

I congratulate the author for his laudable works.

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Punjabi Self Taught - Book By Das Gupta Prakashan

  • Brand: Das Gupta Prakashan
  • Product Code: DIC176
  • Year: 1998
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Rs.40.00
  • Rs.36.00

  • You Save: Rs.4.00 or 10.00%

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