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Kuka Movement - Freedom Struggle In Punjab - Book By Jaswinder Singh

Introduction To 'Kuka Movement , Freedom Struggle In Punjab' By Jaswinder Singh

Four books containing official documents on the Kuka Movement have been compiled so far, three by Sardar Nahar Singh under the heading of 'Gooroo Ram Singh and the Kuka Sikhs' and one 'Kukas of Note in the Punjab' by the Compiler of this book. The present book 'Kuka Movement-Freedom Struggle in Punjab' is the fifth one in this series. It covers the period from 1881 to 1903 A.D.

Kuka Movement stood for religious revival at a time when christianity was making serious inroads in the Punjab. It represented social reforms, clean living, honest earning, equality and simplicity when the people in the Punjab forgotten the message of their Gurus. This movement concentrated on these reforms primarily with the object of preparing the grounds for the attainment of political goal i.e. re-estab1ishment of 'Khalsa Raj'. In other words, Kuka movement was one of the people's movement and rising against the British Rule.

The memories of the Indian Revolt of 1857 being fresh, the authorities were scared and did not want to miss any opportunity to teach lesson to those who were not reconciled to foreign dominion. During January 1872, when a band of about 150 Kukas attacked on the Maler-Koda butchers, the British Government took it seriously and considered the attack on Maler-Kotla butchers as an attack on the Government.

Sixty six Kukas were arrested, brought to Maler-Kotla ground and, without any trial, blown away with the guns though "prisoners were absolutely helpless. A large proportion of them were badly wounded... . Under these circumstances their illegal and indiscriminate execution was a measure for which there was no excuse."

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Kuka Movement - Freedom Struggle In Punjab - Book By Jaswinder Singh

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