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Kesri Pustak Guru Gyan - Book By Joginder Singh

Introduction To 'Kesri Pustak Guru Gyan' By Joginder Singh

The modern youth is intelligent and dynamic. He can be an asset to the Sikh Panth. Today's youth shall be a role model for the next generation. It is therefore, imperative that youngmen of today should learn to lead a life which would act as a precept for their own children. This small offering has been compiled with this objective in view. An effort has been made to present a few facets of the gem that Gurbani is, so that our children are inspired to read and absorb Guru's word. This should enable them to intelligently formulate their own path for a noble and fruitful living. Factual information on various aspects of the Sikh faith has also been incorporated for the benefit of the younger generation.

Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of Sikhs, is God's Word conveyed through Sikh Gurus and other enlightened souls. Guru's bani is the message of Akalpurkh to the humanity and is revered as "Dhur ki bani". Since it is celestial bani uttered by the truthful ones, it's recitation never fails to awaken one's soul consciousness even if it be for a few moments. The only precondition for such an experience is, one has to tenaciously hold on to the volatile mind.

The mind (Mann) is made up of emotions and feelings. At times, in it's sublimity, the mind comes in communion with God, surging your whole being to soaring heights. There are moments when mind's fantacies plunge you into the depths of despair. It is because of this that one has to comprehend the fleeting ways of the mind and then harness it. To acquire this know ledge, take it from this sinful humble soul that there is no better preceptor than the Guru.

I am thankful to Sardar Patwant Singh, the eminent scholar for graciously writing the 'Foreword'. Indeed his words have an oceanic depth.

I am grateful from my heart to Brig. Hardit Singh and Justice Surinder Singh for spontaneously holding my hands, forming a human trinity to pray for His benevolence.

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Kesri Pustak Guru Gyan - Book By Joginder Singh

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