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Arrows of Light Healing The Human Mind - Selected Talks of His Holiness - Book By Baba Virsa Singh

Summary of 'Arrows of Light Healing The Human Mind , Selected Talks of His Holiness' By Baba Virsa Singh  

A must read for anyone concerned abou~ our future. An unseen battle is raging, more vital to the future of humanity and the planet than any other: we must learn to control our own human minds. In Healing the Human Mind, one of the world's great Sages provides rare personal insights and practical examples, coupled with provocative challenges to the powers-that-be, of how to change the course of civilization. Babaji's every word strikes and heals our wounded minds and puts us on a path to peace.

Impact on Russia - The world needs spiritual directions, which we have found at Gobind Sadan. If we solve the problems from a spiritual perspective and transform human consciousness, then we will receive the wisdom to solve all our problems. The teachings of Baba Virsa Singh are the real mechanism of transformation. Yuriy Ageshin, legal advisor to the Duma -

Impact on India - Boboi: has offered us a practical example of how we as a nation and a world can overcome our religious differences. Babaii himself worked and linked people to the land, and showed the way for our country to progress. Kuldip Nayar, eminent journalist Fmr. High Commissioner to England

Overcoming Religious Conflict - In the way that God's messenger does it, Babaii has been teaching us who live in one world but in so many different ways how to live as one nation and as one human family. Dr. Bhai Mohan Singh, Chairman Emeritus, Ranbaxy, Ltd

Overcoming Poverty -The work is worship approach pioneered by Babaii at Gobind Sadan is the spiritual soul mate of my work in empowering the poor. Dr. Naresh Singh, Director, UNDP Commission, Empowerment of the Poor

Overcoming Terrorism - Babaii's spiritual presence was indeed the determining factor in bringing peace. But the lessons we have learned and model we have gained are definitely transferable. S.K. Chhibber, Fmr. Governor, Mizoram

His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh is a holy person of Biblical proportion who passed out of his physical body on 24 December, 2007, but is still very present with us. A world-class leader who sought no worldly position, he never referred to himself as a Guru or miracle-worker. He came from a mud-brick village in Punjab, did not read or write in any language, but those of great intelligence, wealth, and worldly power bowed at his feet, sought his guidance, and attribute many miracles in their lives to his influence. He quoted extensively from the scriptures of all religions. His special mission is to bring people of all religious paths closer to God, and bring peace by overcoming the conflicts that plague the world. He worked hard all his life to set an example of how one can rise out of poverty. When asked about his life, he would only say, "I am just trying to be a better human being." 

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Arrows of Light Healing The Human Mind - Selected Talks of His Holiness - Book By Baba Virsa Singh

  • Brand: Sterling Publishers
  • Product Code: SAI270
  • Authors: Baba Virsa Singh
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9788120744684
  • Page: 245
  • Format: paperback
  • Language: English
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Rs.250.00
  • Rs.225.00

  • You Save: Rs.25.00 or 10.00%

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