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Dark Sky Blue Jari Rumala Sahib With Silver Jari - Jari_1004

This is a Dark Sky  Blue Jari Rumala Sahib with Silver Jari cloth. Its a very different colour and the Silver Jari can be seen quite well against the Blue Background. The pictures on this page will give you a better idea of  how it looks like. You can see that the beautiful pattern in Silver Jari spreads across the length and breadth  of the Rumala Sahib. Its a great lookijng Rumala Sahib with a very unique look and feel. 

What are Jari Rumala Sahibs or What is Jari Cloth (or Jacquard Fabric) ?

Jari  Rumala Sahibs made from Jari Cloth (also called Jacquard Weave Fabric or simply Jacquard Cloth) are an altogether different variety of Rumala Sahibs very different from the Hand Embroidered or Machine Embroidered Rumala Sahib.  Jari  is a cloth produced by Special looms called Jacquard Looms invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard. What distinguishes this kind of cloth is that the Design is incorporated into the weave instead of being printed or dyed upon. 
Jari Cloth has an altogether different look and feel to it than any other cloth. If you have touched or seen this cloth you would be able to relate to what I am saying. Well this is a kind of artistic cloth  that has a very royal look. Our Jari cloth or fabric that we use to manufacture these Rumala Sahibs comes from heartland of Jari, a place called Varanasi in India  which is famous  for the Rich quality of its Jari produced by very skillfull craftsmen. The Jari Rumala Sahib usually have a dark base colour with patterns weaved into it in Silver or Golden thread that give it a real artistic and exquisite look and feel. If you love art or have any artistic bent of mind you will fall in love with Jari Rumala Sahibs as well for the beautiful patterns incorporated into the weave. These  rumalas have a silk like sheen yet the Jari cloth is a lot thicker and heavier than silk. 
Rumala Sahib
Type Double Rumala Sahib - Two Rumala Sahibs with Two Palaks

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Dark Sky Blue Jari Rumala Sahib With Silver Jari - Jari_1004

  • Brand: JSKS Online
  • Product Code: Jari_1004
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  • Rs.3,200.00
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  • You Save: Rs.960.00 or 30.00%

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