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Buy Tablas Online - Buy Copper Tabla - Buy Brass Tabla - Buy Steel Tabla

We Supply the Best Quality Tablas Online at the most Affordable prices - so if you have been searching for one your search ends here. We have expert craftsmen who craft the best quality tablas and so you can rely on us for the perfect tablas no matter if you are an expert or a novice. Let us start with giving a brief introduction of what a Tabla is . 

What Is a Tabla ? (If you already know what a Tabla is skip this section)

Tabla is a popular Indian percussion instrument of the membranophone family. The word tabla is believed to be derived from an arabic word tabl which simply means a drum. You can also describe it as a pair of drums whose pitches can be varied and is played with hands. In Punjabi Tabla is also referred to as a Jori (implying a pair of drums). The Smaller Drum in Tabla played with the dominant hand is called 'Dayan' (meaning right), Chattu, Siddha or Dahina. It is made from wood (usually rosewood or teakwood)  and is conical in shape emptied to almost half its depth. (Hollowing is important as it allows air to be present under the top membrane giving it its characteristic sound) . The Dayan can be tuned to specific notes; the tuning range is limited though Dayan's can be made in different sizes each having a different tuning range. Along the Sides of the Dayan Run vertical strings and between these strings and the drum side surface are placed wooden cylindrical pieces (also called ghatta). The Ghatta can be moved vertically to change the amount of tension in the sstrings which in turn infacts the tuning of the Dayan . The Other drum in the Pair of drums (Tabla) is a metallic drum  called Bayan (also called duggi, dagga or dhama) which is  made of metallic materials like Copper, Brass or Steel. Now if you ask whats the difference between the three, the answer is the quality of sound . 

Both the Tabla Drums have a skin at top (also called Puri in Hindi or Pura in Punjabi) with a central Area called Syahi (or Ink) and  it is this area which has to  be most carefully made by very skilled craftsmen as it directly effects the natural overtones of the Tabla. 

Tablas are in four different types (primarily based on the Material of the Bayan or the left Drum) ?

1. Iron Tabla - Click for More Details  - Recommended Only for starters - Lowest Cost 

2. Steel Tabla - Click for More Details - Recommended for Starters who plan to Play Long- Second Lowest Cost 

3. Brass Tabla - Click for More Details -  For Professionals and Quality Seekers - Great Sound Quality only next to Copper 

4. Copper Tabla - Click for More Details - For Professionals and  Quality Seekers - Heaviest and Best in Sound Quality


Brass Tabla - Buy Brass Tabla Online at Affordable Prices

This tabla is for the professionals and the serious ones . The tabla stands out for its great ton..

Rs.7,500.00 Rs.10,000.00

Copper Tabla - Buy Best Quality Copper Tabla Online at Affordable Prices

This is also for the professionals . In this case the bayan (larger metal drum) is made out of co..

Rs.8,880.00 Rs.12,000.00

Steel Tabla - Buy Steel Tablas Online at Affordable Prices

This tabla is for the serious ones  who demand greater sound quality and plan to go a long w..

Rs.5,625.00 Rs.7,500.00

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